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The area "Citizens" have to organise informations and services on the strength of concrete and daily necessities of citizen life and work. it follows that life semplification of citizens in so far lot of informations and services as yet required physical presence of the person in the competent service can be obtain online. We can go through his own data of registry office, voting, ici, know what we can do to abtain, for example, residence certificate, do self--certification of family status...

E-Government provide services to citizens, companies and other public agencies by net, using all advantages of new technology (NICT).

Inputing User and password it will be possible to have access directly to services offer by the City to his users.

The access to the area "Citizens" is reserved to resident citizens in the City, citizens AIRE, non-resident citizens having any contract in the city.

To have access to the registration, use the following Forms:

- form for resident citizens or AIRE
- form for non-resident citizens
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